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GuardVision™ Photo Detector

The GuardVision™ Photo Detector provides you with continuous surveillance of your property, day and night.

This tool combines burst photo capture functionality with infrared technology to identify, photograph, and capture intruders attempting to steal your possessions.

Verisure GuardVision™ Photo Detector being installed

How does GuardVision™ Work?

When triggered, live images are sent to the My Verisure app for real-time viewing. In the event our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) needs to contact law enforcement, three images will be sent to our trained experts to verify the alert.

Installed indoors, our security experts determine the best location within your property for optimal protection.

Award Winning Camera Design

GuardVision™ has received the TV and Camera IF Design award, and the product quality and design Red Dot Award. Praised for its minimalist and clean design, Guardvision™ has been recognised not just for its impressive detection abilities, but also the way it seamlessly fits into your property.

The minimalistic design blends in with the the décor of the property so both you, and more importantly a burglar, won't notice it's precence.