Door and Window Sensors

Shock Sensor Detector

At Verisure doors and windows are equipped with a sensitive Shock Sensor Technology to protect all access points to your house, whether you are at home or not. This technology is very easy to use and understand; the device is simply placed on door and window frames so when someone tries to break in, our Shock-Sensor System will automatically trigger the alarm.

Our detectors have an advanced filter that can distinguish the movement caused by intruders from environmental factors. With our highly sensitive sensors we can detect the burglar before he even enters the house or business.


How Verisure Shock Sensor Detectors work
  1. The two magnetic elements of the Shock Sensor Detectors let you know if windows or doors have been forced open, broken or even hit or shaken.
  2. When they detect vibration, they set off your alarm.
  3. Our contact centre checks the threat level and takes action.
Advanced filtersProtects all access pointLifetime guarantee and free maintenanceMaximum deterrent
Our Shock Sensor Detectors can tell the difference between a burglar and strong wind or snow.Fit Shock Sensor Detectors to all your doors and windows.Your safety is our number one priority. So we keep your Shock Sensor Detectors in great condition, for free, for life.Criminals look for easy pickings. When they see the Verisure signs on your property, there’s a good chance they’ll look elsewhere.
  • Dimensions: Two parts: 25mm high, 98mm wide, 25mm long + 10mm high, 46mm wide, 14.5mm long
  • Weight: 45g + 25g
  • Power: 1 x CR123A Lithium battery
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Trigger: Open, close or vibration
  • Warranty: Lifetime guarantee and free maintenance for life
  • Certification: Grade 2 certified and accredited to the highest industry standards