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Verisure House Alarms

Business Alarm Systems

Business Alarm Systems

Guarantee your security with our Business Alarm Systems

Verisure Alarm Systems are the market leader thanks to our technology, experience and methods. Our alarms for businesses adapt to the needs of each company, whether they are based at offices, warehouses or other commercial premises. First, we conduct a comprehensive study of your business and customise your security needs, then we identify weak points on the premises and address them, offering an installation process, free of works or cables, that is done in under 24 hours. Get true security for your business!

Business alarm systems protect best

Small and medium-size companies are exposed to all kinds of threats, both external and internal, that can seriously compromise the health of the business and even endanger customers and employees.

A Verisure business alarm system is your best ally to create a safe working environment in which both employees and customers are protected, as well as valuable equipment and materials, and important company information.

Install the Verisure alarm -- the safest on the market -- to deter and detect burglars, place video surveillance, and send warning signals.

Business Alarm Systems

ZeroVision Alarm: If they can't see they can't steal

ZeroVision is an anti-burglary system which deploys a dense zero-visibility smokescreen in only a few seconds, effectively disorienting burglars and protecting the premises until the police arrive.

Intrusions are verified by trained experts in the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), who can then activate the ZeroVision system.

Learn more about ZeroVision or watch the video to see how it works in a real-life situation, protecting a restaurant from an attempted burglary.

Control the security of your business

With our business alarm systems you can monitor your staff as they enter and leave. Check what is going on in your premises with images and voices. Seek help with the SOS button. These are some of the possibilities offered by the Verisure Alarm through its mobile APP. A handy, easy way to take control of the security of your business.

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Business Alarm Systems

Sign up with the No. 1 Business Alarm Systems in Europe

Thousands of people entrust their security to Verisure Alarm Systems, which offer the best solutions for protecting businesses. However your business operates, and regardless of its venue (warehouse, shop, office, etc.), Verisure offers you the security you need.

Each installation is tailored to the needs of the business that needs to be protected, strategically placing the latest generation of deterrents, sensors and detectors throughout the premises as needed.

The protection provided is comprehensive, covering all access points, outdoor areas and valuable property. Prevent intrusions, detect thieves and facilitate any security action required for any incident with the most recommended business alarm: the Verisure Alarm.

Business Alarm Systems

Your business, protected by our Smart Alarm Systems

Alarm Control Panel

Image and Sound

Verisure customers can find out at any time what is happening at their business. Thanks to our detectors with cameras, you always know what is happening at your business and, in the event of an alarm going off, our security specialists check whether an unauthorised entry has occurred, then notify Guard Response as soon as possible if necessary.

Alarm Deterrent Sign

A Clear Deterrent

Adequate protection begins with deterring thieves. Identify your business as a space protected by Verisure by using our deterrent posters and installing an independent alarm siren that emits a powerful sound when an intrusion is detected.

Business Alarm Systems

Access Control

Thanks to the Verisure business alarm key reader, activating and deactivating your equipment is easy and convenient. If you give a smart key to each employee, the key reader serves as access monitoring and control, recording all comings and goings on the premises. Monitor your employees’ timetables while protecting your business with top of the line security.

How do we prevent a break-in in 45 seconds?

Find out about the technology and the people behind the Verisure alarm.


Verisure Alarm Deterrent Sign
Burglar Deterrent Sign

The Verisure Deterrent Sign is a warning sign to inform burglars and others that the home is protected and that an entire Alarm System is in place, and that it includes the recording of images.

Moonshot Shock Sensor
Shock Sensors detect intrusions

Our Shock Sensors will trigger the alarm immediately if a burglar tries to break in through doors or windows.

Moonshot Photo Detector
Photo Detectors take photos for further evaluation

Verisure Photo Detectors will start taking photos as the intruder breaks into your home or business. These photos automatically are sent to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for evaluation.

Central unit
The Central Unit is the heart of the Security System

The central Unit will act as your base of operations. It comes with enhanced features which allows perfect communication between the system and the server.

Moonshot SVK
Silent Listening Mode activated from Alarm Receiving Centre


The SVK - Siren, voice, Keypad, combines 3 key security features into one device: the main Siren, a two-way voice communication with our ARC Security Officers, and a keypad with customisable features.


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Verisure ARC launching a Guard Response protocol
Evaluation and Assessment for Guard Response Intervention

Our experts from the Alarm Receiving Centre will analyse all information that the Alarm Security System collects, then make an informed decision on whether Guard Response intervention is necessary.

Verisure Alarm Services

Guarantee icon

Lifelong Warranty and Maintenance

All our Alarm System devices have a lifelong warranty. We also provide 24-hour technical assistance to ensure that your alarm remains in perfect condition.

Mobile icon

Control Your Alarm with Your Mobile

With the My Verisure app, you can control your security system from anywhere in the world. The app allows you to activate and deactivate the alarm and to see and hear what is going on inside your home or business.

Protection icon

SOS Button for Emergencies

Our SOS buttons are answered on average in under 20 seconds by our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), who will send the appropriate emergency service, and continue to monitor the situation until help arrives.

Clock icon

Response Within 45 Seconds

When an alarm is triggered, our Alarm Receiving Centre will respond, on average, in 45 seconds. We will then evaluate the situation and activate our Security Alarm Protocol if necessary.

Guards icon

Guard Response

We double your security with the option for our Alarm Receiving Centre to send a Guard to your property.
*guard response included with an additional fees

Maintenance icon

24/7 Technical Assistance

As a Verisure Customer, you can benefit from technical assistance 24 hours a day.

Photo detector

Professional Installation is completely wireless, with no structural work of any kind, in just 24 hours

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