In this Privacy Notice, we, Verisure Services (UK) Ltd. (or Verisure) inform you about the processing of personal data when using our website, our app and our products. The protection of personal data is important to us. We are committed to protecting your data and treating it in accordance with data protection laws. Please read our privacy notice carefully. It contains important information about how we receive and use your personal information.

You can print or save this Privacy Notice by using the usual functionality of your browser.

The entity and persons responsible for processing your personal data when visiting this website, the app and the use of our products within the meaning of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can be reached here:

Verisure Services (UK) Ltd

Quorum Business Park

The Neon Building - Q12

Newcastle Upon Tyne

NE12 8BU

United Kingdom

Phone: 0333 200 9000

E-Mail: [email protected]

For any questions related to data protection related to our products and services, the use of our website or app, you can also contact our Data Protection Officer, who can be reached any time at the above postal address as well as at the previously provided e-mail address.

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Personal data is information relating to an identified or identifiable person. This mainly includes information that makes it possible to draw conclusions about your identity, such as your name, telephone number, address or e-mail address. Please note that statistical data that we collect when you visit our website cannot be associated with you and is not covered by the definition of the personal data.

The personal data we collect about you are personal data you provide us with when you contact us, request a quote, make enquiries, visit our website, enter into an agreement with us, complete our survey or use our services. Such personal data may be, for example, contact details, login details, order and payment details, prior purchases as well as information about how you use our services. In some instances, we also collect personal data about you from other sources such as our third-party partners, as we further set out in this Privacy Notice.

In order to develop our website and app services, we also use cookies which may contain personal data. You can read more about how we use cookies in our cookie policy, available here.

Additional information you provide in your communications with us.

You may consider it necessary to provide information to Verisure about special requirements to receive our services, such as health data (i.e. hearing impairment or physical disability), which are relevant for the efficient management of delivering our alarm monitoring services to you. In such cases, Verisure may have to process this information about your health (e.g. regarding impairment of hearing that prevents you from hearing the siren), or other form of disability. In some cases, there may also be instances where we may have to collect and process this information for other legal requirements, including under employment law.

Such health data is a special category of personal data. This means we must treat it with extra care under applicable data protection requirements.

This special category personal data may be provided by you or indirectly during or following your interractions with us (through e.g., chat, e-mail, text messages, calls to our customer services centre or in person during a maintenance visit recorded by our staff).

Where we process such special category personal data we will do so, based on the following legal basis and purposes where:

  1. It is necessary to protect your, or someone else's, vital interests:

    - we reasonably believe that you or another person are at risk of harm (if we do not process the data about you) and the processing is necessary to protect you or them from harm or to protect physical, mental or emotional well-being;
    - we reasonably believe it is necessary to protect the economic well-being of you or another person, where you or that person are less able to protect your own economic well-being by reason of physical or mental injury, illness or disability;

  2. it is necessary for the prevention or detection of an unlawful act; or

  3. we need to carry out our obligations or rights in connection with employment, for example where we need to protect our staff members from harm.

  4. We may also collect such data where we have your consent to do so. 

Where you choose to provide health data voluntarily which it is not clear to us obviously falls into any of the categories above, we will discuss with you whether we should retain it and, if necessary (and not for the above purposes) will obtain your consent to future processing of that data.

This paragraph only applies to your special category personal data and should be read in conjunction with our wider privacy notice which governs the collection and processing of all personal information about you. If you need more information on the above, or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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    Every time you use our website and app, we collect the access data that your browser or device automatically transmits to allow you to visit the website or app. This data is standard technical data (so-called log files) that are transmitted to our server:

    • IP address of the requesting device.

    • Date and time of request.

    • Address of the website and the requesting website.

    • Information about the browser used, the operating system and the ISP.

    • Online identifiers (e.g. device identifiers, session IDs).

    • Volume.

    The data processing of this access data is necessary to enable the visit of the website and the use of our app, and lastly facilitates the functionality and safety of our systems. For the purposes described above, access data is also temporarily stored in internal log files to provide statistical information about the use of our website and app in order to provide our website with the usage habits of our visitors. (For example, the number of mobile devices used to retrieve the pages) and to maintain our website and app administratively in general. The legal basis is our legitimate interest to enable you to visit the website, use our app and ensure functionality and safety of our system.

    The information stored in the log files does not allow any direct conclusions to be drawn about you – in particular, we only store the IP addresses in a shortened, anonymised form.

    You have different ways to get in touch with us through our website or app. This includes the contact form for calculating an offer, contacting our customer support or sales team by email or phone, or the recall function. The following data is collected: Your first and last name, home address, email address, telephone number and a general description of your property and lifestyle habits. We obtain this data either directly from you, for example when you use our website, or from third party aggregators to which you may provide such information, such as price comparison websites. Please note that we record calls for quality and training purposes.

    To the extent that the information is required to initiate or execute a contract with you, for example, to provide an accurate individual offer, we will process it solely for this purpose and the legal basis for this is the entering into and the performance of our contract with you. To the extent this information is necessary to respond to your requests, including to provide you with information about our services or make an appointment to assess your security requirements and to help the salesperson make a booking to visit you, the legal basis for this processing is our legitimate interest. In addition, we also collect this data for statistical purposes in order to improve our products and services, as well as for internal purposes, to provide training for our employees and to carry out quality checks. These processing activities are based on our legitimate interest.

    You can register to use the full functionality of our website, app and products. This includes the possibility of reviewing and configuring your alarm system, support requests, and the ability to order other products. We have highlighted the data we require by labelling them as required. These are your first and last name, mobile number, email address and password. Registration is not possible without this data. The legal basis for this processing is the performance of our contract with you.

    We operate a page (fan page) on the social network Facebook, which is available to users outside the USA and Canada from Facebook Ireland Limited ("Facebook") and for all other users from Facebook USA, which is offered, in joint responsibility with Facebook, to communicate with followers (such as our customers and prospective customers) and to inform you about our products and services.

    Facebook allows us to obtain statistics on engagements on our page (for example, information about number, names, interactions such as like and comments, as well as aggregated demographic and other information or statistics). More information on the nature and scope of these statistics can be found in the Facebook page statistics notices. More information about the respective responsibilities can be found on the Facebook page insights addition. The legal basis for this data processing is based on our aforementioned legitimate interest.

    We have no control over data that Facebook processes under its own responsibility in accordance with Facebook's terms of service. However, we would like to point out that when you visit the fan page, data from your usage behaviour is transferred from Facebook and the fan page to Facebook. Facebook itself processes the aforementioned information to create more detailed statistics and for its own market research and advertising purposes over which we have no control. More information can be found in the Data policy from Facebook.

    Where we operate a Facebook fan page we receive your personal data, to this end, we set out your rights in this Privacy Statement. If you want to assert your rights with Facebook, the easiest way to do this is to contact Facebook directly. Facebook knows both the details of the technical operation of their platform and the associated data processing as well as the specific purposes of data processing and can implement appropriate measures upon request if you wish to exercise your rights. We are happy to support you when asserting your rights, as far as we can and direct your inquiries to Facebook.

    Direct Marketing Communications


    We partner with marketing companies for the purpose of identifying and getting in touch with prospective customers. These companies obtain marketing consent on our behalf through third-party websites which organise surveys, competitions or prize draws. If you visit those websites and give your consent to receive Verisure marketing, your contact details will be passed on to us and we will send you marketing communications. See section 5(b) “Marketing, including targeted direct marketing” below for more information.

    We use your personal data for the following purposes:


    We use your personal data to provide, administer and personalise our products and services, to enable login to our website and app and to provide customer service to you as our customer. For this purpose, we process personal data such as contact details, order and payment details, login details and sensitive personal data if you provide that to us. Our legal basis for this purpose is Performance of a Contract.

    GPS position and Geo-location: We process the GPS position of protected locations in order to fulfil our contractual obligations, including to dispatch a private security guard as quickly as possible if necessary.

    Depending on your equipment, we can also track the GPS position of your mobile device, only if you accepted it when installing the app and only in order to make you the @Home SOS service, allowing us under some conditions to process an SOS signal launched from your MyVerisure mobile app, and/or send you push notifications relevant to your location. You can turn off your mobile device's geolocation at any time from your device settings (in which case you will not be able to take advantage of all the services offered by the app). Geo-location relies on default maps SDKs, such as Google Maps SDK to geo-localise the device.

    Subject to your marketing preferences, including your settings on advertising cookies, we process your personal data for marketing purposes, including for profiling for direct marketing. Our marketing activities include the following:

    Email marketing: Sending marketing communications via email about Verisure, including offers about our products and services, newsletters, information about new products and competitions we may organise from time to time. When we send you marketing emails, we also monitor whether you open these emails and/or click on URLs in our emails. We obtain your contact details for email marketing predominantly through our third-party partners: we partner with marketing companies and third-party websites which organise surveys, competitions or prize draws. If you visit those websites and give your consent for your contact details to be passed on to Verisure for marketing purposes, we will add you to our marketing list and send you email marketing. You can withdraw your consent at any time, by following the unsubscribe link contained in our marketing emails or by getting in touch with our Contact Centre by writing to [email protected].

    We act as joint controllers with those partners when they obtain consent from our prospective customers for our marketing activities. In this case, our partners remain responsible for how they use your information, for obtaining your marketing consent and for providing you with appropriate information about using your information and sharing this with Verisure Services (UK) Ltd. You can contact us directly if you would like to exercise your data protection rights (for example, if you would like to withdraw your consent), but please note that these partners remain solely responsible for any use of your personal data that does not relate to Verisure, and you should contact them directly if your request is not relevant to Verisure.

    Calls: Contacting on the phone prospective customers who have been referred to us by their friends or family. Sometimes, when our customers or prospective customers get in touch with us, they also share with us the contact details of friends or family members who are interested in our products and services. In that instance, we would call them to discuss their security needs and our offerings.

    As we explain further above, we will also contact you on the phone if you have requested a quote through our website or through third-party aggregator websites, such as price comparison websites with which we cooperate, in order to fulfil your request, discuss your security needs and provide you a quote for our products and services. In that case, we will not use your contact details for wider marketing purposes.

    Marketing personalisation: Creating marketing profiles about our customers and prospective customers, in order to understand their preferences in relation to our products and services, and to deliver personalised advertising.

    List-based matching: social media providers give us the option to find our existing and prospective customers on their platforms and show them our ads. For example, we provide Facebook with our customers’ email addresses in an encrypted form (hashed); if a customer has a Facebook account with the same email address, Facebook will match this information and will show them our ads on its platform. In some cases, we ask these parties to show our ads only if we think this will be particularly relevant to a customer, based on information they hold on that customer such as demographics (e.g. age), activity on the social media platform or other websites, location or interests. We will not receive though this information about our customers. There can also be cases where we provide social media platforms with your hashed email address, so as to ensure that they do not show our ads to you. We currently use this matching activity with the following parties: Meta Platforms, Nextdoor, TikTok and Snapchat.

    Lookalike matching: we also use personal information of our customers to allow social media platforms to find individuals who have a similar profile to our customers and who we expect are interested to find out more about our products and services, so as to show our ads to them. For example, we provide Facebook with hashed email addresses of our customers, which Facebook would match with these customers’ Facebook profiles. Based on these profiles, Facebook will look for other Facebook users who have a similar profile to our customer and would show them our ads. We currently use this matching activity with the following partners: Meta Platforms, TikTok and Snapchat.

    Social media advertising: We also use personal data when the users of our website interact with third party social networking features, such as “Like” functions, to serve them with advertisements and engage with them on third party social networks. You can learn more about how these features work, the profile data that we obtain about you, and find out how to opt out, by reviewing the privacy notices of the relevant third party social networks. For example, we currently use Facebook and Instagram for these purposes.

    For these marketing activities, we use your personal information such as contact details, browsing habits and visit history, order and payment data, demographic information.

    We rely on your consent when the law requires us to do so; for example, we obtain your consent to use advertising cookies and similar technologies and to send you marketing emails. Otherwise, our legal basis for our marketing activities is our legitimate interest to keep you informed of and promote our products and services and to manage our relationship with you as our customer, to the extent this is allowed by law.

    You always have the right to opt out of marketing directed to you. To do so, contact us at [email protected]. You can also unsubscribe from email marketing specifically, by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the relevant marketing communication.

    We use your personal data, such as data derived from statistical compilations, market segmentations and satisfaction surveys for the purposes of conducting marketing analyses. The results of our analyses are used for improving, replacing and developing new products and services, processes or working methods with the goal of developing our business, and to improve our standards. When we do this, we may process your personal data to improve our customer service, to offer new solutions or to adapt our website and/or app.

    The categories of personal data we process for business development include contact details, purchasing patterns, order and payment data, demographic data, browsing habits and visit history. Our legal basis for this processing is legitimate interest.

    We may contact you by SMS or telephone call to participate in one of our surveys. When we do this, we collect and use the data you provide for market and opinion research purposes. In the case of anonymous surveys, the GDPR is not applicable. We use various third-party providers of satisfaction surveys including Medallia, Kantar etc.

    In the event of a dispute, such as a payment dispute, we have the right to use your data for the purpose of establishing, defending, or enforcing the legal claim.

    The categories of personal data we process for this include contact details, order and payment details, login details, demographic data, and sensitive personal data if you provide that to us. Our legal basis for this processing is legitimate interest.

    We may process your personal data to comply with our legal obligations under applicable law, e.g., legislation regarding accounting, audit and tax.

    The categories of personal data we process for this include contact details, order and payment data. Our legal basis is compliance with a legal obligation.

    • Downloading and Installing the App

    In order to download and install our app from an app store (e.g. Google Play Store or Apple App Store), you must first register with the provider of the app store for a user account and enter into a corresponding usage agreement with the store. We have no influence on this, in particular we are not party to the contract between you and the store. When downloading and installing the app, the necessary information is transferred to the respective app store, in particular your username, email address and your account's customer number, the time of download and the individual device identification number. We have no control over this data collection and are not responsible for it. We only process this provided data to the extent necessary for downloading and installing the app on your mobile device (e.g. smartphone, tablet). In this case, the legal basis is our legitimate interest.

    • Push News

    The app can provide you with information through so-called push messages, even if you are not using the app in the foreground (e.g. status messages about the alarm system). The notes can be made using sound, messages (e.g. in the form of screen banners) and/or symbol marks (an image or digit on the app icon). To prevent this, you can disable the sending of push messages about your device setting at any time.

    The legal basis for the aforementioned data processing is for performance of our contract with you, as far as push messages related to the contract processing. Otherwise, the legal basis is our legitimate interest in providing you with product recommendations.

    Our website and app use the map service Google Maps for users from the European Economic Area, Switzerland and Liechtenstein from Google Ireland Limited ("Google"). In order for the Google map material we use to be integrated and displayed in your web browser or app, your web browser or app may connect to a Google server that may also be located in the United States when you visit the contact page. This provides Google with information that the corresponding website or app has been accessed from the IP address of your device. The legal basis is based on our legitimate interest. Google and Verisure Services (UK) Ltd have their respective data protection obligations in an Agreement.

    If you visit the Google map service on our website or app while you are logged into your Google profile, Google can also link this event to your Google profile. If you don't want to assign to your Google profile, you need to log out of Google before calling our contact page. Google stores your data and uses it for advertising, market research, and personalized representation of Google Maps. You can object to this data collection to Google.

    More information can be found in the Privacy policy From Google and the Additional Terms of Use For Google Maps.

    • Integration of YouTube videos

    We have included videos on our website and app that are stored on YouTube and can be played directly from our websites. YouTube is a multimedia service of YouTube LLC, ("Google"). The legal basis is based on our legitimate interest in integrating video and image content.

    By visiting the corresponding page on which videos are included on our website or app, YouTube and Google receive the information that you have accessed the corresponding website. This is done regardless of whether you are logged into YouTube or Google or not. YouTube and Google use this data for advertising, market research, and on-demand design of their websites. If you visit YouTube on our website or app while you are logged into your YouTube or Google profile, YouTube and Google can also link this event to their respective profiles. If you do not want this assignment, you must log out of YouTube or Google before visiting our website.

    You can configure your browser to reject cookies, or you can prevent the collection of data generated by cookies related to your use of this website, as well as the processing of this data by Google, by clicking in the Google Advertising Settings, turning off the Personalized Advertising on the Web button. In this case, Google will only display non-customized ads.

    More information can be found in the YouTube Privacy notices from Google.

    • Integration of Vimeo-Videos

    We have included videos on our website and app that are stored on the video platform Vimeo and can be played directly from our websites. Vimeo is a multimedia service of Vimeo Inc., ("Vimeo"). The legal basis for integration is based on our legitimate interest in integrating video and image content. By visiting the corresponding page on which videos are included on our website or app, Vimeo receives the information that you have accessed the corresponding page. This can be done regardless of whether you are logged in to Vimeo or not. Vimeo may use this data for advertising, market research and on-demand design of its websites. If you visit videos on our website or app while you are logged into your Vimeo profile, Vimeo can also link this event to your Vimeo profile. If you don't want the assignment, you need to log out of Vimeo before calling our app.

    For more information, see the Privacy notices Vimeo.

    Our website uses the service Google Fonts, which is available for users from the European Economic Area, Switzerland and Liechtenstein from Google. When you visit a page, your browser loads the font you need to display texts correctly and attractively. To do this, your browser must connect to Google's servers. This tells Google that our website has been accessed via your IP address. Such calls run separately from other Google services, which require users to authenticate, according to Google. The server to which a connection is established can be located in the United States. The legal basis for data processing is based on our legitimate interest in a consistent and appealing presentation of our online presence. For more information, see the Common questions and in the Privacy policy From Google.

    Personal data is collected in connection with our products depending on which products and how you use them. Below are business processes in which we collect and process personal data. This data is either provided to us directly by you or by third parties, or collected by your activities on our website or by the use of our products.

    In the case of an order process, we collect the following necessary mandatory information for the processing of the contract:

    • Title.

    • First and last name.

    • Date of birth.

    • Email address.

    • Password.

    • Billing and shipping address.

    • Payment data (such as payment method, bank details).

    As an option, information such as the telephone number is possible, so that we can contact you in this way if you have any questions. The legal basis for processing is the performance of our contract with you.

    In the event of an alarm triggered by you or for routine service and maintenance purposes, we will try to reach you by phone. For these purposes, we collect the following data:

    • First and last name.

    • Address.

    • Contact number (s).

    • Email address.

    • First and last name of emergency contacts.

    • Call logs and all correspondence.

    • GPS data.

    • System user logs including alarm and response events.

    All phone calls are recorded and stored in a secure third-party database. The legal basis is both performance of our contract with you as well for compliance with our legal obligations under the European Standard for Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centres (“EN 50518”) according to which the telephone traffic of an alarm reception point must be recorded.

    Emergency contacts will only be contacted if an alarm is raised and we are unable to reach you. Emergency contacts can be your partners, family members, neighbours, friends or co-workers. The following data of the emergency contacts are collected:

    • First and last name.

    • Mobile.

    • Email address.

    If you provide us with personal information about these individuals, you must inform us that these individuals have agreed that their personal information can be used for the purpose of using it as your emergency contact person. You also state that this is in your and our legitimate interest. We will process this personal information to the extent permitted under the terms of this Privacy Notice. If after we have collected the personal data of your emergency contacts and they do not already have the information that we process their data, we will contact them and provide them with our privacy notice.

    If an emergency contact indicates that it does not want to act as an emergency contact, we will remove it from your emergency contact list. For this purpose, the emergency contact should contact [email protected] .

    The legal basis is that storage is necessary to protect your legitimate interests in the security of your property.

    In order to be able to offer our comprehensive alarm service, a wide range of data on our part is processed as part of an alarm recording:

    • If an alarm is activated or deactivated, these data points are processed: Time of alarm, method used to activate or deactivate the alarm, and your username. These records are also available to you on our website in the My Pages section and in our app.

    • If your alarm is triggered, we will process images and video recordings of your property according to the type of device set up in your property. Image capture and video recording take place without storage. When an alarm is triggered, within a short period of a period of seconds, photos are shot from the camera and transmitted to our Alarm Response Centre. Only certain employees will have access to these images. As long as no alarm has been raised, it is not possible for our employees to view the video/images of your cameras.

    • Depending on your product, you can use the system at any time to view and photograph your property.

    • In the event of an alarm triggered, we will record your GPS location to determine whether or not you are at home at the time of the alarm.


    The legal basis is tperformance of the contract concluded between you and us.

    • Depending on your product, you can use the system at any time to view and photograph / record your property.

    • Depending on the system and devices installed at your property, you can create videos and images through movement/ audio triggered recording, livestreaming, continuous recording and customer-initiated recording.

    • We process these commands in relation to videos/images on your behalf in order for the devices to respond to your instruction. We do not have access to these images/ video.

    • These images are stored in your Amazon Web Services account according to the terms and conditions of your agreement with them. We do not have access to this account.

    • These images could also be stored on an SD card inserted into the device. This card is entirely your property and your responsibility. We do not have access to the images on the SD card.

    • Your use of our alarm system (“System”) and our provision of the services may involve the processing of personal data, in particular where the System captures Image and/ or Audio Data. Unless an applicable legal exemption applies (which may be the case for limited use of the System within Comfort Mode (defined below) within a purely personal or household setting), Data Protection Laws will regulate the way in which you use the System and the way we provide the Services.

    • Images captured through the System

    • You are responsible for the decision to install our System at relevant site locations and use the functionality within the System to view, record and store Image Data captured by the Equipment.

    • Unless an applicable legal exemption applies, you will be regarded as a controller under Data Protection Laws for this processing of Image Data. As a condition of installing the System and making use of the Services, you must take time to familiarise yourself with applicable Data Protection Laws and comply with any legal responsibilities placed on you as a controller under those laws in relation to the processing of Image Data. We draw your attention in particular to the obligations which you may have under applicable Data Protection Laws in relation to the careful placement of Equipment to avoid excessive, unfair or unlawful capture of Image Data, the use of Image Data in a proportionate and fair way for lawful purposes, the installation of signage and other information to ensure people entering the site locations where the System is installed and are aware that the System is operating and how Image Data may be used, whilst respecting legal rights available to individuals to secure access to Image Data which may relate to them.

    • Our installation team may endeavour to provide further guidance and assistance to you on these matters as part of the installation process. However, you understand that they are not privacy advisors, so any guidance provided should not be relied on as constituting legal or other regulatory advice. If you do not understand your obligations as a controller, we strongly recommend that you take independent professional legal advice. Further you understand that it is your decision to place Equipment within the relevant site locations and make use of the System. Our involvement in the installation process is not intended to and shall not affect your responsibilities as controller under applicable Data Protection Laws.

    Some of our services require us to use so-called cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored by the browser on your device. Cookies are not used to run programs or load viruses onto your computer. Rather, the main purpose of our own cookies is to provide a specially tailored offer to you and to make the use of our services as time-saving as possible.

    Most browsers are set by default to accept cookies. However, you can adjust your browser settings so that cookies are rejected or stored only after prior consent. If you reject cookies, not all of our offers can work for you without interference.

    We use cookies to facilitate navigation on the site, for security reasons and to achieve greater efficiency and personalization of the services offered to users. We want to make it possible for you to use our website more comfortably and individually. These services are based on our aforementioned legitimate interests.

    We also use cookies and similar technologies (e.g. web beacons) from partners for analytical and marketing purposes. This is described in more detail in the following sections. Further information can also be found in our

    To improve our website, we use cookies and similar technologies (e.g. web beacons) to statistically collect and analyse general usage behaviour using access data. We also use analytical services to evaluate the use of our various marketing channels.

    The legal basis for the data processing described in the following section is our legitimate interest in the needs-based design and continuous optimization of our website.

    • Google Analytics

    Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service of Google. According to Google, the contact for all data protection matters is Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland. Google Analytics uses cookies and similar technologies to analyse and improve our website based on your user behaviour. The data generated in this context can be transmitted by Google to a server in the USA for evaluation and stored there. However, your IP address will be shortened before the usage statistics are evaluated, so that no conclusions can be drawn about your identity. For this purpose, Google Analytics has been expanded on our website to include the code "anonymizeIP" to ensure anonymised collection of IP addresses.

    Google will process the information obtained through the cookies to evaluate your use of the website, to compile reports on website activities for website operators, and to provide additional information related to website use and internet use Services.

    You can configure your browser to reject cookies, as shown above, or you can prevent the collection of data generated by cookies related to your use of this website (including your IP address) and Google's processing of that data by using a Google provided Browser Add-On. This prevents data collection by Google Analytics within this website in the future (the opt-out only works in the browser and only for this domain). If you delete your cookies in this browser, you will need to click this link again.

    More information can be found in the Privacy policy Google.

    We also use cookies and similar technologies for advertising purposes. Some of the access data accessed when using our website is used for interest-based advertising. By analysing and evaluating this access data, we are able to show you personalized advertising on our website and on the websites of other providers. This means advertising that suits your real interests and needs.

    The legal basis for the data processing described in the following section is based on our legitimate interest in promoting our products and services in personalised form.

    In the following section, we would like to explain these technologies and the vendors used for them in more detail.

    Data collected may be, in particular,

    • The IP address of the device.

    • The date and time of access.

    • The identification number of a cookie.

    • Device recognition of mobile devices.

    • And technical information about the browser and operating system.

    However, the collected data is stored only pseudonymously, so that no direct conclusions can be drawn about you.

    Via corresponding settings on the websites you can abstain from taking part in our analytical and advertising measures, both sides provide the capability to block many advertisers. Both websites allow the listed providers to disable all ads at once using opt-out cookies or, alternatively, to make the settings for each provider. Please note that after deleting all cookies in your browser or later using another browser and/or profile, an opt-out cookie must be set again.

    • Custom Audience Matching

    As we describe further above, we use Facebook’s Custom Audience service. This service uses both information that you provide to us or our marketing partners (for example, your email address) and also information collected through cookies and similar technologies, such as Facebook’s pixel. With the help of its pixel, Facebook is able to determine which visitors to our website are also Facebook users, so as to display our ads to those users on Facebook . This allows us to target our advertising on Facebook and show our ads to users who have shown an interest in our online offering.

    Similar to Facebook’s Custom Audience, we also use equivalent services provided by Instagram, Google, Microsoft, TikTok and Snapchat and Nextdoor.

    Our websites use the service "Google Ads," which is available for users from the European Economic Area, Switzerland and Liechtenstein from Google Ireland Limited. AdWords conversion tracking" captures customer actions we define (such as clicking on an ad, page views, downloads) and analysing them. "AdWords Remarketing" we use, to show you individualized advertising messages for our products on partner websites of Google. Both services used cookies and similar technologies. The data generated in this context can be transmitted by Google to a server in the USA for evaluation and stored there.

    If you use a Google account, Google can link your web and app browsing history to your Google account, depending on the settings stored in the Google account, and use information from your Google account to personalize ads. If you do not want this assignment to your Google account, you may need to log out of Google before using our website.

    You can configure your browser to reject cookies, as shown above. In addition, you can enter Google Advertising settings turn off the Personalized Advertising button. In this case, Google will only display general advertising that has not been selected based on the information you collect.

    More information can be found in the Information on data usage and the Privacy policy Google.

    • Google Marketing Platform

    DoubleClick uses cookies and similar technologies to present ads that are relevant to you. The use of the DoubleClick allows Google and its partner websites to serve ads based on previous visits to our or other websites on the Internet. The data generated in this context can be transmitted by Google to a server in the USA for evaluation and stored there.

    You can prevent cookies from being stored by adjusting your browser accordingly (as described above); However, we would like to point out that in this case you may not be able to make full use of all the functions of the website. You can also prevent Google from collecting the data generated by the cookies and relating to your use of the website, as well as Google's processing of that data by Browser plug-in for DoubleClick deactivation. As an alternative to the browser plug-in or within browsers on mobile devices, you can browse the Google Advertising settings turn off the Personalized Advertising button. In this case, Google will only display general advertising that has not been selected based on the information you collect.

    More information can be found in the Google Privacy policy.

    As a matter of principle, the data collected by us will only be passed on if we have your express consent or where it is necessary to assert, exercise or defend legal claims and there is no reason to believe that you have an overriding interest in the absence of disclosure of your data or are required by law or permitted by law and in where required for the settlement of contractual relationships with you or for the implementation of pre-contractual measures, which will be carried out at your request.

    However, we may share them with other Verisure Group companies as part of the delivery of our products and services. Because our products and services and their execution require the skills and resources of other companies, some of the data processing can be done by our service providers below although this is not an exhaustive list of providers and may be changed from time to time. Categories of these recipients include:

    • Cloud storage providers such as Amazon Cloud Cam for storing alarm records and the personal information you provide, and for emergency recovery services, as well as for fulfilling contracts we enter into with you.

    • Account managers who support us in providing our forms and invoices as well as in contacting you.

    • Telephone providers (Verint, Genesys, Inconcert) with whom we will contact you by phone.

    • Payment service providers iZettle; GoCardless) with which we process your installation and service payments.

    • Financial service providers (e.g. debt collection agencies) to which we can assign receivables from the contract with you, e.g. in the case of unauthorised delayed payment of products and services provided.

    • Security companies such as Securitas Security Services UK, KHC Ltd, in which we send a security guard in case an alarm is raised.

    • The police, if it is obvious that a crime is being committed.

    • Providers of IT services that provide us with IT services that we use to store our customer relationship management information.

    • Analysis and search engine providers (see above) to help us improve and optimize the website.

    • Data centres that store our website and databases.

    • IT service providers who maintain our systems.

    • Delivery and courier companies that deliver our products to you.

    • Consulting firms.

    • Business partners (such as business introducers, online sales sites) when you have accepted that they communicate your details to us so that we can offer you our products and/services. We may share your data to identify that you already benefit from our product and service offers in order to prevent these partners from soliciting you again, or so that these partners can, where applicable, grant you the advantages granted within the framework of the subscription to a particular commercial offer. For more information on the marketing partners we use in the context of our email marketing activities, please see above, section 5 “Our processing of personal data”, sub-section “Marketing, including Targeted Direct Marketing”.

    • Social media networks, such as Meta Platforms, Google, Nextdoor, Microsoft, TikTok, Snapchat to present our ads to you on other platforms and to allow those parties to show you tailored advertising. For example, we may share with Meta Platforms the actions that you take on our website such as your visits to our website, your interactions on our website, use of Facebook Connect and information collected from cookies or similar technologies including the Facebook pixel. This allows us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising, improve our marketing practices, and helps us deliver more relevant advertising to you (including on social media such as Facebook): for this activity, we are a Joint Controller with Meta Platforms Inc. This means that we have to provide you with this notice, but you should contact Meta Platforms Inc if you wish to exercise your data protection rights. Further information, including how Meta Platforms Inc enable you to exercise your data protection rights, and subsequently processes your information as independent data controller can be found in Meta’s Data Policy.

    • Credit Reference Agency- We use Equifax to conduct an affordability check. As part of the affordability check we may provide your name and address to Equifax who provide us with the credit check results. To proceed with the affordability check, we rely on your consent. These are ‘soft’ credit checks (i.e. the search will appear on your credit file but it will not impact your credit score). Equifax will disclose information in relation to your financial standing based on publicly available data such as county court judgements and credit search history. During the credit score check, Verisure and Equifax act as independent data controllers. Copy of the Credit Reference Agency Information Notice (CRAIN) is available at

    • In the event of a company purchase or sale to a third party, your information will be forwarded to the potential buyer or the new owner.

    If we disclose data to service providers, they may only use the data to perform their tasks. The service providers were carefully selected and commissioned by us. They are contractually bound by our instructions, have appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to protect the rights of the persons concerned and are regularly monitored by us.

    In addition, disclosure may take place in connection with government inquiries, court orders and legal proceedings if it is necessary for legal prosecution or enforcement.

    As a matter of principle, we store your information within the UK, the EU or within the European Economic Area (EEA). Or in countries that have an appropriate level of data protection.

    If we share your information with companies outside (i) of the EEA or (ii) the UK or (iii) countries with an appropriate level of data protection, we contractually require these companies to treat your information on a similar basis to ours. In these cases, we ensure that the data submitted is protected.

    For more details, please send any requests to : [email protected]

    Q12 Quorum Business Park, Benton Lane, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE12 8BU 9 Retention of Data

    As a matter of principle, we only retain personal data for as long as this is necessary to comply with contractual or legal obligations to which we have collected the data. After that, we delete the data immediately, unless we still need the data until the expiry of statutory limitation periods, for evidence of civil claims or due to legal retention obligations.

    We may also have to store your data for some accounting reasons. We are obliged to do so because of legal documentation obligations, which may arise from the Commercial Code, the Tax Code, the Credit Information Act, the Money Laundering Act and the Securities Trading Act.

    you have the right to request:

    a. Access to your personal data. This means that you have the right to request access to personal data that we hold about you. You also have the right to be provided, at no cost, with information about which personal data we are processing about you. We have the right to charge a reasonable administration fee if you request further copies. If you make a request by electronic means, e.g. via email, we will provide you with the information in commonly used electronic format.

    b. Rectification of your personal data. At your request or on our own initiative, we will correct, anonymise, delete or complete data that we know to be inaccurate, incomplete or misleading. Also, you have the right to complete any incomplete personal data if something relevant is missing.

    c. Erasure of your personal data.You have the right to request that we erase your personal data if there is no compelling reason for us to continue processing the data. Compelling reasons for use to continue processing may be:

    • Processing is necessary for the right of freedom of expression and information,

    • Processing is necessary to comply with a legal obligation,

    • Processing is necessary for reasons of public interests in the area of public health,

    • Processing is necessary for archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes or

    • Processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

    • Your personal data will be erased if none of the circumstances above are applicable and if

    • The personal data is no longer needed for the purpose for which we collected them,

    • We process your personal data based on your consent and you withdraw your consent,

    • You object to us processing your personal data which is based on a legitimate interest assessment, and we have no compelling interests that overrides your interests or rights and freedoms,

    • We have processed the personal data unlawfully,

    • We have a legal obligation to erase the personal data or

    • d. Right to restrict processing. This means that we temporarily restrict the processing of your data. You have the right to request restriction when:

    • you consider your data to be inaccurate and you have requested rectification while we establish the accuracy of the personal data,

    • the processing is unlawful, and you do not want the data to be erased,

    • as the personal data controller, we no longer need to process the personal data for our processing purposes, but you need them to be able to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim, or

    • you have objected to processing, while waiting for our assessment of whether our legitimate interests override yours.

    Finally, you have the right to complain to the data protection regulator responsible for us. You may assert this right with a supervisory authority in the Member State of your residence. In the UK , the Information Commisioner’s Office competent supervisory authority is:

    Information Commissioner's Office

    Wycliffe House

    Water Lane



    SK9 5AF

    Tel: 0303 123 1113 (local rate) or 01625 545 745 if you prefer to use a national rate number

    Fax: 01625 524 510

    We maintain up-to-date technical measures to ensure data security, in particular to protect your personal data from data transfer risks and from the acquisition of knowledge by third parties. These are adjusted according to the current state of the art. To secure the personal information you provide on our website, we use the Transport Layer Security (TLS), which encrypts the information you enter.

    • Changes to the Privacy Statement

    We update this Privacy Notice on a regular basis to reflect changes in our website or business processes, or to comply with any necessary legal changes mandated by the Government.

    last updated July 2023