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The Verisure alarm system is an integrated security system that uses the most innovative technology to guarantee protection for all types of homes and businesses. We are leaders in the security sector, with 30 years of experience and over 4 million happy customers throughout Europe who rely on us to protect their homes and businesses. Our Alarm System combines different types of devices designed to protect your home/business and keep out burglars.

Our strategy has a triple objective: to prevent intrusions, detect intrusions, and provide fast and efficient solutions to any incident suffered by Verisure customers. To guarantee our installations’  effectiveness, Verisure evaluates each customer’s needs, considering the individual risks and characteristics associated with each property. Once a Personalised Security System has been designed, installation is quick, clean and easy, with no wires (all our connections are wireless) or works required.

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24-Hour Protection

Verisure’s Alarm Receiving Centre is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to receive and respond to signals produced by our alarm systems. Our ARC specialist security agents are here to respond to and evaluate each signal and activate the appropriate protocol to resolve each incident quickly and efficiently.

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