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The SVK: Siren, Voice, Keypad

The SVK combines 3 key security features into one device: the main alarm siren, a two-way communication with our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), and a keypad with customisable smart features.

Bluetooth and tag reader capabilities allow for customised access control, including handsfree arming and disarming with our smart remote and keyfobs.

Powerful Siren

The powerful built-in siren sounds when the alarm is tripped, deterring intruders, and let people in the area know that a potential break in is in process.

Two-way VoicePad

oice functionality features a two-way full duplex communications system which allows you to both talk to, and listen to, a Verisure security expert 24/7.

Smart Keypad

Multiple ways to arm and disarm your alarm, including home, away, and outdoor protection modes, receiving sound and voice feedback from the SVK.