ZeroVision Alarm: If They Can’t See, They Can’t Steal

Burglars have the ability to pick locks, inhibit signals, and cut powerlines, among many other techniques to take what isn’t theirs. These techniques have one common tool that burglars need and can’t function without – their vision. At Verisure, we strive to offer our customers the highest levels of protection and create as many obstacles as possible to burglars. Thus, we have designed the new ZeroVision Alarm to impair the burglar’s vision before they have a chance to identify what they plan to steal. This alarm has been specifically designed to allow us to act in situ after a verified intrusion and prevent a burglary by creating a zero-visibility situation through the creation of a dense, bothersome fog.

The ZeroVision alarm is only activated remotely after we verify there is an intrusion by professionals from our NSI certified Alarm Receiving Centre, eliminating the risk of false alarms. Once the alarm is activated, the device expels a dense, bothersome fog that will generate a zero-visibility situation in only a few seconds, impairing the burglar’s vision and protecting the premises until the police or guard arrives at the premises.

Zero-visibility Prevents Burglaries

Time is of the essence to successfully prevent a burglary. With ZeroVision, in only a few seconds a zero-visibility situation will be generated through a dense, bothersome fog that will impair the burglar’s vision and force them to exit the premises. Simultaneously, the police and the customer are alerted from the Alarm Receiving Centre and a security guard is dispatched. The property will be protected until the police arrives.

Maximum Intruder Deterrence

No burglar wants to break into a property where they cannot successfully steal from. With the ZeroVision deterrent plaque in the façade of your property, we are making sure all burglars know your property is protected by the ZeroVision alarm that will create a zero-visibility situation once triggered. The knowledge that a property is protected by ZeroVision will act as a strong deterring factor, making your property virtually invisible to the burglars.


Always One Step Ahead

At Verisure, we have been fighting burglaries for 25 years and are continuously focused on innovating to ensure we stay one step ahead of burglars. With ZeroVision, we can now act in your property to impair a burglar’s vision and prevent a burglary. We are changing the rules of the game by being proactive, and we are placing ourselves - once again - one step ahead of burglars. If they can’t see, they can’t steal.