Safety questions by Verisure
Safety questions by Verisure


Safety Tips & Advice

Security Advice and Help

Discover the best recommendations to protect your home and ensure the security of your business. These safety tips will give you advice, practical videos to watch and the answers to the most common queries regarding Verisure Alarm systems.



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Do you need any more information about the Verisure Alarm? Do you have any queries about how to operate it? Below we present the answers to the most commonly asked questions.


Security Advice

Reducing the risk of burglary or theft in your home or business is simple. Following a few simple tips, you can ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe and secure. Find out about our best recommendations.

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Safety and security for your business

Only authorised people should have access to your security system

Only people whom you absolutely trust should have access to the installed alarm system. We are now going to talk about one of the most sensitive topics, entailing great responsibility in protecting your business or home.
Choose only people to whom you can entrust this task.

Safety and security for your home

Keep all doors and windows tightly shut

Ensure that all access points into your home are locked properly when you are not home. Intruders must be faced with the utmost difficulty when attempting a break in. This can be crucial to foil their attempts.

Safety and security for your home

Give the impression that someone is home

To prevent thieves from targeting your home, it must seem like it is occupied during prolonged absences, e.g., during weekend trips or holidays. New technology now makes it possible to programme the lights and other appliances to switch on and off at certain times. It also is advisable to ask a person whom you trust to pick up your mail on a regular basis.