Photo detector
Photo detector




How GuardVision™ works

Your GuardVision™ will watch over your property day and night. Combining its burst photo capture functionality with its infrared technology means that no matter what time of day or night, it will capture, photograph, and display any and all intruders that attempt to steal your possessions. This camera is installed indoors, and our security experts will find the best location within your property to best protect your home. When the GuardVision™ is triggered, live images will be sent to your ‘My Verisure’ app for you to view in real time.

Recently, the GuardVision™ has won the 2022 IF Design award for TV and Cameras, and has also won the Red Dot 2023 award for product design and Quality. Focusing on its simplistic and sleek design, IF Design describes the GuardVision™ as having 'defined clean outlines, well balanced proportions and dimensions' that 'easily blends into indoor environments'; perfect for fitting in with any home or business environment.


Works even in the darkData securityLifetime guarantee and free maintenanceMaximum deterrent
The infrared system means that GuardVision™ sends clear images, even from completely dark areas.Image sequences are sent to our Alarm Receiving Centre where they’re stored securely. We release them on request from you.Your safety is our number one priority. So we keep your GuardVision in great condition, for free, for life.Criminals look for easy pickings. When they see the Verisure signs on your property, there’s a good chance they’ll look elsewhere.


    • · Dimensions: 102mm high, 120mm wide, 57mm long
    • · Weight: 210g
    • · Power: 6 x AA alkaline batteries
    • · Connectivity: 4G, Broadband and Wi-Fi
    • · Trigger: Motion
    • · Warranty: Lifetime guarantee and free maintenance for life
    • · Certification: Grade 2 certified and accredited to the highest industry standards