At Verisure, we believe first and foremost in 'People Protecting People'. Thus, we are always looking for opportunities to partner with charities and NGOs that offer services aligned with our goals. We also pride ourselves in our commitment to give back to our community, and we like to take the initiative and provide peace of mind to those who need it most. As such, we have a strong community program through which we help local and national entities to achieve their goals. 

Verisure Victim Support

Verisure, More Than Just an Alarm

People Protecting People

Verisure Victim Support

Verisure, More Than Just an Alarm

People Protecting People

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Our Partnership With Victim Support

We believe it is a human right to feel safe and secure. That’s why Verisure is proud to partner with independent charity Victim Support to help aid crime victims and raise awareness of the risk of burglary.

To achieve this goal, Verisure will make a donation to Victim Support to help carry out its crucial work supporting victims of all types of crime across England and Wales. Additionally, Verisure is offering special assistance to customers seeking help from Victim Support, while offering Verisure's customers the opportunity to receive aid from Victim Support's team of specialists.

Verisure understands the trauma that many burglary victims experience when they feel their property is no longer safe and secure. Thus, Victim Support customers will receive a priority installation within 24 hours of ordering.

Finally, Verisure will donate 3 free alarm systems per year to Victim Support customers with limited financial resources.

Who is Victim Support

Victim Support is an independent charity providing free specialist emotional and practical support to crime victims, regardless of whether the incident has been reported to the police. Victim Support’s service is available no matter when the crime took place, for as long as the victim needs it.


They can be contacted through their free hotline at 0808 168 9111 or in person in one of their 50+ branches around the country. Last year, Victim Support offered information, advice, and assistance to over 1 million crime victims.


Victim Support also provides educational material for the public, including tips for protecting your property and general burglary guidance 

We Protect What Matters

Verisure is the leading provider of peace of mind and protection to residential and small business customers across Europe and Latin America, with over 3.6 million customers and more than 16,000 employees. Verisure is established in the UK, where it already has the fastest security response in the country


Begin protecting what matters to you. 


Call our hotline: 0203 885 0184 

Verisure is working in association with VS Trading, a wholly owned subsidiary of Victim Support which donates its profits to that charity. Verisure has agreed to pay a minimum of £90.000 to Victim Support over a three-year period

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