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Every home or business has its own individual characteristics, and the Verisure Alarm is conceived to cater to the needs of any premises. Verisure’s burglar alarm and other products offer the most advanced technology available in security.



ZeroVision: If they can’t see, they can’t steal.

ZeroVision was designed to generate a zero-visibility situation through a dense, bothersome smokescreen. This impairs the burglar’s vision and forces them to leave the premises.

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Verisure 3G Control Panel

Control Panel: Your Protection, Anywhere

Verisure Alarms are the only alarm systems on the market with a portable Control Panel and built-in speaker. If there is an emergency, you can contact us by pressing the SOS button and we will assist you immediately. You also can take the Control Panel anywhere in your home or business and contact our 24-Hour Alarm Receiving Centre from somewhere safe.

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Shock Sensor

Shock Sensor: Protect All Access Points

With a Verisure Shock Sensor you can protect every access point within your property. This is ideal for gates, doors, and windows. Thanks to our Shock Sensor technology, the sensors will detect any intrusion the second it happens.

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Photo Detector

Photo Detector: What Matters Most, Under Surveillance

The Photo Detector is equipped with a infrared technology and built-in flash that enables the alarm to capture sequences of colour images, day or night. When the alarm is activated, any movement will be recorded as an image sequence. You can also take images of your home/business whenever you like by simply using your ‘My Verisure’ App on your mobile, laptop or tablet.

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Smart Key Reader

Smart Key Reader: Intelligent Access

Our Smart Key Reader is easy to use and has been specially designed so that children and the elderly can use it too. You can activate and deactivate your alarm simply by tapping your smart key, removing the need for complicated codes. Our reader gives you the option to activate your alarm system in total mode, night mode, daylight mode or perimeter mode, and has a built-in SOS feature.

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Remote Control handset

The Remote Control and its SOS function: Your Security at Your Fingertips.

Our user friendly Remote Control is designed to be used by everyone: adults, children and elderly people. You can take it with you or leave it by your bed to program your alarm easily and quickly. You can activate it in total mode, night mode, daylight mode or perimeter mode, and  it comes with a built-in SOS function.

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Arlo Essential Video Doorbell

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell: Wireless Security At Your Fingertips

Designed to capture what traditional video doorbells can’t with a unique 180° viewing angle, the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell notifies you when motion is detected, and when your doorbell is pressed. The integrated deterrent siren can be triggered both automatically and manually to deter intruders. The Arlo Essential Video Doorbell is the only in the market with these features, and is fully wireless for easy maintenance.

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Arlo Essential Wireless Camera

Arlo Essential Wireless Camera: Smart Technology watching over your home

Built to withstand all weathers, the Arlo Essential Wireless Camera will keep watch over your property day and night, no matter the conditions. The Essential Wireless Camera will send a message to your phone or device when motion is detected, as well as provides the option to call a friend or neighbour if needs be. With a built in spotlight and siren, you can be sure that the Arlo Essential Camera will pick up anyone approaching the property, be it friend or foe.

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High-Power Siren

High Power Siren: The Most Powerful Deterrent

Our High Power Siren generates a very loud noise and it is installed independently from the Control Panel, making it very difficult for burglars to locate and deactivate.

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Panic Button

Panic Button: Immediate Help at Your Fingertips

If you push the SOS panic button, you will receive immediate assistance from the Verisure Alarm Receiving Centre. Whenever you press the SOS button, our staff will remotely activate the silent listening mode and will receive images from the security cameras to check on the situation and, if necessary, dispatch Guard Response.

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Perimeter Detector

Perimeter Detector: Strengthen Your Business’s Exterior Security

Our Perimeter Detectors protect all access points, courtyards, and outdoor boundaries for your home or business. The detectors are fitted with infrared sensors that are activated by movement. If there is any suspicious activity, a loud alarm will be triggered and a signal will be sent to our Alarm Receiving Centre. This exterior Security System is ideal protection for your home or business whenever you are away.

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Deterrent signs

Deterrent Signs: Warn Burglars Before

Our powerful Deterrent Signs and Stickers warn burglars that your home or business is protected by a Verisure Alarm system. Verisure Deterrent Signs are made of high-quality polycarbonate with UV protection that guarantees high visibility over time.

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Smoke detector

Smoke Detector: Who Calls the Fire Services When You're Not at Home?

A fire alarm is primarily designed to warn you and wake you if you are asleep. But what if you are not at home when the fire alarm goes off? This what puts Verisure above the rest; we connect the fire alarm to our Alarm Receiving Centre so that we can immediately alert you and your family if a fire breaks out. This service is always active, even if the rest of the alarm system is deactivated.

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pir photo detector

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