Smart Alarm System

What do you get with a Verisure Alarm System?

The Verisure Smart Alarm Aystem is modular, and customised according to your security needs, making every alarm system different and tailored to the location it is protecting.

Verisure Alarms use the cutting-edge of security technology in the alarm industry, offering you the capability of monitoring all aspects of your home or business.

We have many smart security cameras, sensors and deterrents to ensure maximum protection, including:

All of our alarm systems are professionally installed, and completely wireless, with no structural work of any kind. In many cases your alarm system can be installed on the same day!

Most importantly, our state-of-the-art alarm system is connected to our 24/7 Monitored Alarm Receiving Centre, where our SIA certified security experts are on hand to deal with any alarm activation or intrusion.