Smart Alarm System

How much does a Verisure Alarm System cost?

Verisure's high-end alarm technology, with multiple sensors and deterrents, position Verisure as a premium alarm system.

Customers who want the highest-levels of protection can equip their security system with active deterrents like the ZeroVision Smoke Barrier, and can secure the area with security cameras and sensors to protect their property. Cheaper alarm systems can offer users self-monitored systems and motion-activated alarms, which can leave you unprotected if you are not available to monitor the camera feeds and alerts.

Verisure smart alarms are fully monitored 24/7 by SIA certified experts in our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), protecting your property when nobody is home, with capabilities to intervene in an emergency. Our protocols include the ability to call the emergency services on your behalf, as well as deploying ZeroVision - the only deterrent on the market which can be remotely activated from our Alarm Receiving Centre to disrupt burglars and intruders, and secure the property until police or private security guards arrive on scene.

Verisure Installer showing customers a camera

Verisure offers each customer a bespoke service for their property. Each house or shop will require different specifications, different levels of protection, and different types of technology to protect them. Because of this, the price of our alarm system will vary from property to property, with the larger locations requiring more items of protection and therefore more cost, and smaller properties requiring less.

We base our price on your security needs, so you can rest assured that the cost of our alarm system will be designed specifically for you, to make sure that you aren't overcharged for products and services that you do not need.

When determining the best possible price for your house, we may consider such things as the type of property, the amount of doors and windows in your property, and the the size of the location. All will be a factor in determining how much security your property needs, and how to best protect it.