How do security cameras deter burglars?

Verisure's monitored alarm system combines multiple high-quality, night-vision enabled security cameras with additional shock sensors, deterrent signs, video doorbells and motion-sensor photodetector cameras to ensure every angle is covered and any crime being committed is captured in HD resolution.

Many customers worry that video doorbells or CCTV are not useful when it comes to prosecuting crimes, with police forces being too busy to act on blurry or unclear video footage.

Combined with Verisure alarm deterrent signs, these multiple sensors and warnings have the ability to deter burglars before they attempt to enter the property, as well as record high-quality video evidence of any intrusion, day or night. Experts in our Alarm Receiving Centre will verify each alarm event, and if a crime is being committed, law enforcement will always be informed on your behalf.

Verisure Deterrent Sign

Criminals are becoming bolder and less scared of doorbell cameras and CCTV, but in the presence of so many sensors and cameras, burglars will often pass by your property entirely looking for easier targets to break-into.