Smart Remote

Smart Remote

The smart Remote offers you a multitude of functions that help you manage your Verisure Alarm System. With Bluetooth functionality, it can be used to disarm your alarm system with a simple tap of a button. It also comes equipped to arm your alarm system with several different modes, based on what level of protection you are looking for. The Remote features buttons that let you configure the mode of security you need. These are ‘home’ or ‘partial’ mode, and ‘away’ or ‘full’ mode. Each mode is designed to offer you a combination of protection and convenience, to suit your lifestyle needs. The buttons also offer you the option to call for SOS help, and is a simple as pressing a combination of buttons at the same time. This will then alert our Alarm Receiving Centre to your distress, and allow us to help you as you need it. With its innovative locking and unlocking design, replacing the battery when you need to has never been easier.

Deterreny Sign

How Verisure Smart Remote works
  1. Attach it to your keyring or put it in your pocket.
  2. Use the buttons to activate or deactivate your alarm system.
  3. Use the SOS feature to call for help.
Easy to useImmediate help when you need itLifetime guarantee and free maintenanceMaximum deterrent
Get a quick response at the touch of a button.There’s no need to be alone. Activate the SOS button, and we’ll send help.Your safety is our number one priority. So we keep your Smart Keyfob in great condition, for free, for life.Criminals look for easy pickings. When they see the Verisure signs on your property, there’s a good chance they’ll look elsewhere.
  • Dimensions: 48mm high, 48mm wide, 10mm long
  • Weight: 21g
  • Power: 1 x CR2450 Lithium battery
  • Connectivity: Wireless