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Siren, Voice, Keypad

The Siren, Voice, Keypad


The combination of a siren, dual voice communication and digital keypad, or SVK, is your primary protection to your property. This one piece of equipment offers all the customisation you need to fully protect your home, including; a variety of arming and disarming settings, the ability to activate an SOS functionality if necessary, and smartphone compatibility with our My Verisure App. With the ‘voice’ aspect of our system comes a dual communications channel, which lets you talk with a trained security expert in the event of an emergency. Our team will be on standby, 24/7, 365 days a year. The build in Bluetooth receiver also comes in very handy with your family, as it allows you to register and track key fobs for each family member – letting you see who enters and leaves your property, and at what time.


    total protection24/7 coverage, 365Lifetime maintenancedeter all intruders

    Unlike other alarms, the SVK has an in-built speaker that enables communication with our control center without the need for a phone.

    Whenever the SVK is triggered it immediately alerts our alarm receiving center, providing us with real-time audio and visual feed of the situation in your house.Because the safety of our customers is of the upmost importance, we provide comprehensive maintenance services for your SVK, free of charge, for life.Having Verisure clearly protecting your property serves as a deterrent, making intruders think twice before targeting your home.


    • · Dimensions: 172x 85 x 40mm (height x width x length)
    • · Weight: 450g
    • · Battery: 6 x AA Alkaline
    • · 3G Connection
    • · Warranty: Lifetime free maintenance