How does a Verisure Alarm System deter burglars?

Verisure Monitored Alarm systems combine multiple sensors, HD security cameras and deterrents to make sure burglars and criminals think twice before entering your property.

Verisure Deterrent Sign

Each part of the alarm system acts in part a deterrent, withalarm stickers and signs showing criminals that there is an active security system guarding the property. Our cameras and sensors not only act as a visual deterrent around the boundary of your property, but are also connected to our alarm recieving centre, providing a real risk of being caught to the burglar. Our 24h alarm recieving centre also has a range of countermeasures that they can deploy remotely, including our zerovision smoke barrier.

This means there is a real risk of being caught to the burglar and they will in all likelihood ignore your property and move onto a less protected area.