How do motion-sensor alarms work?

How does Verisure's motion sensor alarms work?

There is a wide variety of movement sensors out there, including indoor and outdoor motion sensors, as well as passive and active sensors, both of which use different technologies. At Verisure we use PIR cameras, or Passive Infrared Sensor Cameras, which allows them to work day or night, and can differentiate between real human movement and false alarms triggered by pets, or external or environmental factors; but how do PIR cameras work?

Passive Infrared Sensors emit radioactive energy, then monitor the space, while active sensors monitor the area for any changes in that space’s energy patterns. To identify motion in that space, active sensors can emit three different kinds of energies: microwave radiation, sound waves or infrared light.

Different types of motion-sensor alarms have the same goal: to detect the presence of an intruder and send some kind of alarm or alert to our Alarm Receiving Centre. Once received, our  professional security team will be in contact with you to verify the severity of the situation, and then contact the emergency services if necessary.