How do Verisure motion-sensor alarms work?

There are a wide variety of movement sensors out there, including indoor and outdoor motion sensors, as well as passive and active sensors, both of which use different technologies.

Verisure's cutting-edge cameras feature specialist Infrared (IR) night vision functionality, and our advanced motion detection algorithms can identify a potential intrusion before it even happens, as well as filter out false positives and erroneous detections.

The motion-sensor emits radio energy into the room, then monitors the reflection pattern in that same space, while another device reads the changes in energy around that same area.

Verisure GuardVision Photo Detector

Different types of motion-sensor alarms have the same goal: to detect the presence of an intruder and send some kind of alarm or alert to our Alarm Receiving Centre.

When your alarm is triggered, the alert is sent to your app, while simultaneously images are sent to the ARC for verification. If our SIA certified security experts see something suspicious or can identify a crime in-progress, we will activate the relevant security protocols, inform contacts from your Action Plan, and contact the emergency services or police on your behalf if necessary.