BT's PSTN Switch Off

In September 2023, there will be a nationwide stop-sell for PSTN (Public Switch Phone Networks) and ISDN (integrated Services Digital Network), and these will both be completely switched off by 2025, to be replaced be voIP (voice over internet protocol).

What are PSTN and ISDN?

The public switched telephone network, or PTSN for short, is the world’s collection of interconnected public telephone networks. It transports its data in an analogue fashion, using copper phone lines to transmit signals. This method has been used for nearly 200 years, and had been upgraded since to the more modern and more efficient ISDN, or integrated services digital network.

BT PSTN telephone changeover

ISDN works similarly to the way the PSTN does in that it still uses a telephone-based network system to transmit data, however it allows you to simultaneously have a phone call and use internet without one disrupting the other.

Both of these services will be made redundant by 2025, and the switch will officially commence from September 2023, where all PTSN and ISDN services will cease being sold, before being completely shut off in 2025. Instead, these will be replaced by the voice over Internet Protocol, or voIP for short.

What is voIP?

The voice over Internet Protocol works very differently from both PSTN and ISDN by replacing the copper phone lines with an internet connection, as a means of transferring data and signals. This allows you to make calls through a computer, smartphone, and other mobile devices, without the need for them to be wired up to a phone line.

Instead of transferring your voice via these copper lines, a voIP service converts what you say into digital data than can be sent through the internet. This is compatible with current PSTN and IDSN services as the digital data can be transformed to telephone data, meaning the transition from these older phone services to voIP won’t stop you from communicating with anyone.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

Luckily, the Verisure Alarm system can be run completely wireless, instead running off of 3G and internet connections that provides you with a secure, wire free alarm package. This means that there is no need for you to worry about getting a replacement kit or upgrading components – once you switch over, your alarm system can be synced to the new voIP.

BT PSTN telephone changeover

If your home or business runs your Verisure Alarm System on either the PTSN or ISDN, you will need to replace or update this service to the new voIP before 2025, or risk having an inoperative alarm system.

If you are unsure as to whether you have a digital or analogue system, it is best to get in contact with us as soon as possible. From there we can determine what system you are using, and what the next best course of action will be.