Can I get a Verisure Alarm for more than one property?

Can I have Verisure Alarms in multiple properties?

Whether you own different properties, or run several businesses, Verisure can accommodate for multiple alarm systems all at once, and can even all be managed from our app simultaneously.

Our professional installers be able to install each alarm system individually, so that they all receive a bespoke fitting and are best suited for each property you own. Instead of giving you the same flat package for all of your required properties, each alarm system will be fitted around the size and layout of your properties, giving you the best possible protection all around.

Your My Verisure App will be you base of operations for managing your multiple alarm systems. With this app, you are able to synchronize all your alarm systems under the same account, allowing for seamless switching between your different alarm systems. This allows you to manage thing such as your alarm timeline history, star key permissions, and check your PIR sensor footage.