What makes parts of the UK safer than others? It’s no secret that crime rates in some UK towns are higher than in others, but the fact of the matter is that nobody is immune from a burglary. Studies have shown that there is little correlation between property values and break-in rates. More often than not break-ins are opportunistic and deterring burglars should be a primary consideration for any home or business owner.

Our Verisure security experts have gathered together the most up-to-date crime statistics from regions across the UK, so you can get the bigger picture when it comes to understanding the type of crimes that are committed in your local area. Our useful resource lets you compare domestic and commercial crime rates in the area where you live or work to those in other regions of the UK, so you can get an idea of the potential risks you are exposed to on a daily basis.

Whether you have been the victim of crime, or feel very safe at home or in work, knowing what type of crimes are most prevalent in your local area can help you to be better prepared when it comes to alarming your home or business premises.

Explore crime statistics in your area: