Personal Safety Tips
Personal Safety Tips


Personal Security Tips

Discover and read more regarding personal safety tips. Following such advice will keep you safe and protected in your everyday life.

  • Personal Safety and Security
    Insulate plugs, cables and heaters appropriately
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    Use swivel plugs or one with deep pins. Never leave stripped cables or ones that have been held together with tape or some other adhesive that does not insulate the current. Radiators must be kept out of children’s reach.

  • Personal Safety and Security
    Teach your children how to deal with strangers
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    Some simple and easy tips: Teach your children how to call for help in an emergency, not to open the door to strangers and not to give personal details if they are talking on the phone with someone whom they don't know.

  • Personal Safety and Security
    Never store objects or documents of great value at home
    Do not leave valuables at home

    Never keep large amounts of cash or valuable objects at home. If it is absolutely necessary to store certain items or money at home, Securitas Direct advises you to use a safe so that your belongings or money is secure.


  • Personal Safety and Security
    Keep all electrical appliances away from damp or wet areas
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    Never leave heaters or electrical appliances within reach in the bathroom or within one metre of the bathtub. Never plug in a wet electrical appliance.