How do I know if my home is suitable?

Is my home suitable for Verisure Alarm?

There are many different kinds of alarm kits out there, and deciding whether or not the Verisure alarm is right for your property is an important choice. Luckily, the Verisure Alarm System can be installed in any property that has an active internet connection. Aside from that, our professional security installers are able to analyse your property to decide not only whether your property is suitable for a Verisure Alarm, but also how best to install our alarm system to properly protect your property.

If you are trying to decide whether a wireless alarm kit is suitable for you, you must start off by evaluating your individual needs. This is where Verisure comes in. Identifying how and where your property needs protecting is a complex job, and doing it yourself can be both stressful and often very taxing. Instead, we recommend that you take advantage of Verisure's free quotation service, in which we can evaluate properly if your home is suitable for our alarm system. More importantly however, we can determine how to install your alarm system to best make the most of it in your property.

Luckily, Wireless alarm systems are straightforward to manage, easy to install, and offer superior security over traditional wired systems.