What WiFi speeds do Arlo / Verisure cameras require?

All Arlo cameras require a high-speed internet connection, but each Arlo camera uses a different amount of bandwidth. Bandwidth use is measured on a per-camera basis. When you have multiple Arlo cameras on the same network, you can estimate the total bandwidth use of your entire Arlo system by adding the average bandwidth use of each camera. Your cameras only use bandwidth when transmitting during an alarm event, when being monitored through the app, or when you are using CVR (Continuous Video Recording) functionality.

Your Verisure smart alarm system can use between 1-2 Mbps while in use, with different sensors utilising different transfer speeds:

  • Arlo Video Doorbells: Up to 2 Mbps upload

  • Other Arlo cameras: Up to 1 Mbps upload per camera

Most home and business internet connections can handle these speeds comfortably, and most customers won't see any noticeable change to their current internet speed or performance from connecting the alarm system or cameras to their network.