Smart Alarm System

Is the Verisure Alarm System pet friendly?

Verisure Smart Alarms and CCTV Cameras are pet-friendly by design. The Verisure Alarm system uses state of the art technology to protect, watch over, and guard your property, your family, and even your pets.

Two very advanced tools within the security package; the Door and Window Shock Sensors and theGuardVision™ Photo detector, have been designed to only detect potential intruders, and leave your pets be.

Verisure Pet-Friendly Home Alarm image

Our GuardVision™ Photo detector, which uses microwave and infrared technology, protects your property by alerting our Alarm Receiving Centre whenever it detects an intruder. The photodetector is able to pick up any unwanted movements within your property, any time of the day or night. Because of this advanced technology, Verisure’s photodetector is also able to differentiate between intrusive and invasive burglars, and our loving and cuddly small friends.

The door and window sensors are equipped with sensitive shock sensor technology to protect all access points of your house, and are fine tuned to detect any and all intrusions. Verisure have made sure that this complex function is able to differentiate between an intruder, and a different external source. This means that any furry feline friend pawing at the window will not set off a false alarm.