Why is Verisure calling me?

If your alarm is triggered by you, or someone who is meant to be at the property, this trigger will be received by the Alarm Receiving Centre. If the alarm is disarmed within the courtesy time, they will let you know by SMS, email, and recorded message that the situation has been resolved.

If the alarm is not disarmed in the courtesy time, they will verify the situation and attempt to call you to understand what is happening and help you in whatever way they can.

Verisure SVK unit

What happens if I miss a call from Verisure?

You don’t need to worry if you cannot take the call from the Alarm Receiving Centre. If there is an emergency situation at your property, they will take all the necessary actions to make sure your property is secured.

If there is not an emergency situation, they will continue to monitor your alarm in the mode it was in, whether you answer the phone or not. Depending on the situation, they will attempt to contact the rest of your action plan to verify that everything is okay.