Does Verisure call the police on your behalf?

Verisure smart alarms have a 24/7 always-on connection to our Alarm Receiving Centre, meaning that if the alarm sounds and nobody is in the property, our security experts can contact the police on your behalf.

Other smart alarm systems can automatically alert the police of an alarm event. Verisure smart alarms use an advanced false positive detection algorithms, and our years of experience have shown that both business and home alarm customers worry about their alarms 'crying-wolf' by automatically triggering defences and alerting police for every alarm event.

Verisure smart alarms are human monitored 24/7 by security experts in our Alarm Receiving Centre, so you can be sure that your alarm will not result in an 'unessacary' and potentially expensive police call-out unless a crime is actually being committed. If our security experts can see a crime being committed, or identify signs of a fire, the emergency services will always be contacted on your behalf.