How safe is Nottingham?

Nottingham is a city located in the East Midlands, approximately 128 miles north of London. A historic city, Nottingham is perhaps most famous for its links to the legend of Robin Hood, and in 2015, it was named a UNESCO City of Literature.

Nottingham has a population of around 320,000 (up 7% in the past 10 years), of which approximately 64% are employed. The wider urban area – the largest in the East Midlands – has a population of around 1 million. The metropolitan economy is the seventh largest in the UK, although the City of Nottingham is the eighth-most-deprived in the country.

 The population is ethnically diverse, with 11% from black, Asian and minority-ethnic communities. Around 30% of the population is 18 to 29 years old, and with two large universities in Nottingham, students comprise an eighth of the overall population.

But just how safe is Nottingham?

In the 12 months between April 2016 and March 2017, there were 46,586 crimes reported in Nottingham. Far and away the most common crime was antisocial behaviour, with 14,425 incidents reported – or just over 30%. The next most common crime committed was violent crime, with 9,562 incidents reported – just over 20%.

Theft (not of a vehicle, bike or from the person) was the next most frequent crime committed in Nottingham, with 3,948 crimes reported over the year – about 8.5%. Following this was criminal damage and arson at 3,792 crimes (8%), shoplifting at 3,580 (7.5%), burglary at 2,322 (5%) and vehicle crime at 2,220 incidents reported (just under 5%).


Nottingham crime comparison

When comparing Nottingham to other cities, we can see that its crime level is about average. Victim-based crimes occur at a rate of 0.6 per person, which is the national average.

When looking at other cities in the East Midlands and North East, it’s clear that Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Salford, Lincoln, Leicester and Hastings all have lower crime rates than Nottingham. Conversely, Liverpool, Stoke on Trent, Norwich, Newcastle upon Tyne, Middlesbrough, Kingston upon Hull, Manchester and Blackpool all have higher crime rates.

The Nottingham crime rate is higher than average for the Nottinghamshire region as a whole, but as the regional capital and largest city, this is not surprising.


Is crime in Nottingham on the rise?

Though it’s down from higher rates in 2011, the past few years indicate that crime is rising again in Nottingham. To gain a deeper understanding of this, we examined the crime rates for the first quarter of the past four years.


In 2017, the total number of crimes reported in January, February and March was 12,440. In 2016, the total for this same period was 11,851. In 2014, that number stood at 11,404, and in 2015, it was 11,173. Here, we can see a slow, but steady, increase in the total number of crimes reported in Nottingham.


Safest area in Nottingham

Although there are some affluent areas, Nottingham is the eighth-most-deprived city in the UK and, thus, has high levels of poverty in some areas. Statistically speaking, the poorer areas usually are those with the most crime.


Of the 20 wards in Nottingham, Bridge statistically is the worst for crime, with 742 crimes reported in March 2017 alone. The second highest crime area is St Ann’s, with 482 crimes reported. Arboretum, Radford and Park, and Berridge follow St Ann’s, respectively.


The safest area of Nottingham is Wollaton East and Lenton Abbey, with 53 crimes reported in March 2017. This is followed by Wollaton West (90 crimes), Clifton North (100 crimes), Bulwell Forest (113 crimes) and Leen Valley (116 crimes).

Nottingham crime map

Nottinghamshire Police

The Nottinghamshire Police Force is responsible for 1.1 million people and an area covering 834 square miles.

Within the Nottinghamshire Police force, there are 1,893 police officers and 1,244 staff, including PCSOs, and around 250 special constables and 50 police cadets. There has been a 15% decrease in the Nottinghamshire Police workforce over the past 10 years.

In the most recent police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy assessment (PEEL), it was found that there are two areas where Nottinghamshire Police require improvement: their effectiveness and efficiency at keeping people safe and reducing crime.

While the extent to which Nottinghamshire Police are legitimate at keeping people safe and reducing crime was good, these ratings show that the force’s performance has deteriorated over the past year. The PEEL report expressed concern over the decline in neighbourhood policing, which is considered to be the foundation of British policing.

To contact Nottinghamshire Police, call 101 (999 in an emergency). You also can stay connected to Nottinghamshire Police via their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.

Nottinghamshire Police

Nottingham crime-prevention tips

Like any large city, there is a risk of crime in Nottingham, particularly when it comes to theft and burglary. There are many things you can do to reduce your risk of crime, whether you’re at home or in public. Nottinghamshire Police recommend the following:

Home safety

Look at your property from the point of view of a burglar. Remember that most burglaries are committed by opportunistic thieves looking for an easy entrance. Consider what possible entry points there may be; how would you try to enter your home if you lost your keys?

During darker months, leave a light on in your home, and make sure your front door area is well-lit. You can use timer switches that automatically turn on and off, simulating an occupied home when you are away. Always close and lock windows and doors, even if you’re just popping out. Ensure that you have a working burglar alarm, and consider purchasing one with smart properties. You can check out our range here.

Personal Safety

Crimes against the person are not common in Nottingham, but many steps can be taken to reduce such crimes nonetheless.

 Stick to bright, well-lit and busy areas when walking, and act confident. Don’t flash your cash around and try to keep valuables, such as mobile phones, laptops and iPods, concealed.

Nottingham city centre
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