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  • All Aboard Charity Shops Looks To Smart Technology After Spate of Break-Ins

    International Supermarket News

    Hit by 7 burglaries in just 5 months and over £10,000 in losses, All Aboard adopts Verisure’s latest monitored smart alarm technology.

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  • Charity records £10k loss from seven shop burglaries in five months


    UK Charity All Aboard, which reported a £10K loss from shop burglaries in a six-month period, gets outfitted for a new security system provided by Verisure.

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  • The Burglar Alarm Smoking Out Intruders


    One of Europe's leading security companies has come up with an interesting way to prevent thieves from making off with valuables from your home or office: the ZeroVision fog device. 

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  • Verisure Revolutionises Security Market With £5 Million Investment In New ZeroVision Alarm

    Qube Magazine

    Verisure, Europe’s leading provider of monitored security solutions and the UK’s leader in new security alarms, strikes again in its fight against burglaries and intrusions with the launch of a new product – the ZeroVision Alarm. 

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  • Making UK Households Considerably Safer


    Head of Lead Generation at Verisure explains to Showhome how the company works, and how it keeps homes safe in a number of ways. 

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  • Zero vision intruder alarm is launched

    PSI Magazine

    When a burglar breaks into a home or business, every second matters. That's why Verisure have developed new ZeroVision technology to stop intruders in their tracks. 

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  • Verisure Has Launched the Newest Advance in Security Technology

    Professional Security

     Europe's leading provider of monitored alarms has launched a new product which represents the newest advance in security technology. 

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  • Don’t Let Burglars Score This Summer


    Verisure, the UK's leader in new security alarms, gives us some top tips for keeping your home more secure this summer.

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  • Verisure Revolutionises Security Market with £5 Million Investment in New ZeroVision Alarm

    Global Banking Finance Review

    Verisure have just introduced one of the most powerful and efficient tools on the market designed to stop burglaries, and it's unlike anything on the market. 

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  • Verisure Launches ZeroVision Alarm to Prevent Burglaries and Intrusion


    Verisure, provider of monitored security solutions and new security alarms, is working against burglaries and intrusions with the launch of the ZeroVision Alarm.

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