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  • Pensioner Dies Following Burglary


    A violent break-in by teenagers leads to death of frail, 'lovely lady'. Analysis of recent Office for National Statistics crime figures showed the proportion of burglaries targeting homes when someone was in has soared.

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  • Over Half of House Burglaries in the UK Happen When Someone is at Home

    Business Matters

    New research has revealed the impact of burglary upon families across the UK, including findings that over half of house burglaries occurred when someone was at home.

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  • Verisure Urges UK Public To Be More Vigilant Over Holiday Season

    Source Security

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, yet according to independent research commissioned by Verisure, the festive period is a burglars’ bonanza.

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  • Woman, 77, Collapses and Dies Following Burglary at Barnet Home


      Frail 'lovely lady', 77, collapsed and died in abject terror while on 999 call as 'teenage burglars' broke into her north London home. Meanwhile, a survey commissioned by Verisure confirms that more than half of all UK burglaries occur while someone is at home. 

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  • Half of Burglaries Now Take Place When People Are at Home, as Police 'Inaction' Makes Criminals Bolder


    Half of burglaries now take place when people are at home, as police 'inaction' makes criminals bolder.

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  • Be Smart And Raise The Alarm


    These monitored alarms are at the heart of a new breed of smart wireless security systems which are set to propel the smart-home market forward. The increased demand for home security tech means that companies like Verisure UK have begun offering options that were once relegated to science fiction. 

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  • Evolving Technology Is Upending Traditional Business Models In the Professional Security Monitoring Market

    Ifsec Global

    Evolving technology is upending traditional business models in the professional security monitoring market, as Rafi Zauer of Essence noted in conversation with IFSEC Global.

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  • 7 Ways To Secure Your Business


    Crimes against small businesses are on the rise, which is why certain security measures are essential. Here are seven ways to fend off criminals and keep your business secure.

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  • The Security Alarm Smoking Out Burglars


    If burglars can't see, they can't steal anything. That's the thinking behind Verisure's ZeroVision - a device which emits smoke into a room as part of a smart home security system.

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  • All Aboard Invests in High Tech Alarms


    The All Aboard chairty shop chain has turned to Verisure's new-tech digital alarms to prevent burglaries of its shops following break-ins that have resulted in ‘devastating consequences’ on its stock and staff.

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